Water Me - 2015

This installation was showcased in Queens for "HERStory". An art show curated by Armelis D' Orville featuring work from over 8 different women reclaiming their narrative. This piece features a self portrait from Sunny's "Evolution of She" series blown up, placed into a large scale window frame and hung from the ceiling. The table was hand painted and read " If you want to feel me Better be divine. Bring me water, water for my mind. Give me nothin'. Breathe love in my air. Don't abuse me 'Cause these herbs are rare. The lyrics from Erykah Badu's Kiss me on my neck song. The bottom of the table holds a Anthurium plant representing the root chakra and grounding. The bronze mannequin with a fresh bouquet of flowers represents the physical action of watering your mind. All materials were found in the trash. 

This installation remained on view for 2 weeks before being taken down. You can still view the window frame at Sweet Water Dance & Yoga studio located in the Bronx, NY.

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