Sunny Cheeba's everyday soundtrack and diverse record collection reflect the pulse of her Bronx, New York heritage. Sunny digs the depths of thrift stores, record shops, and crates from local street vendors to build her music collection. Her favorite finds range from Soul, Jazz, Salsa, Disco, Reggae, Afro- Beat, Hip- Hop and everything in between. For her, collecting records has become much more than looking for the perfect beat, but a way of preserving our rich culture and history. In the summer of 2015, shortly after acquiring her first turntables, Sunny founded Uptown Vinyl Supreme; a DJ collective that pays homage to the analog roots of music, party and dance culture. With the strong belief that records have the power to uplift, inspire, and heal the people U.V.S. explores progressive ways in which this power can reach audiences all over the world, be it through dance gatherings, individual sessions, workshops, private functions, or cultural institutions.

Bobbito Garcia, Prince Paul, Pete Rock, Evil Dee, Large Professor, Grandwizzard Theodore, Tony Touch, Breakbeat Lou, Ron G, Easy Mo Bee, Grandmaster Caz, Ted Smooth, Kamala, Rich Medina, Ralph McDaniels, Brina Payne, Soul In The Horn, Mobile Mondays, Boogie Blind, Mickey Perez 

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